Our Mission

V.I.P. Benefit Services of America specializes in assisting Elders, Disabled Individuals and their Families to obtain the available government financial aid needed to pay for home health care, assisted living and nursing home care. We are non-attorney benefit specialists serving Florida and other states.

ICP Medicaid - Covers the cost of Nursing Home Care.
Medicaid Diversion Program – Partially covers the cost of participating Assisted Living Facilities or provides Companions or Home Health Aides from an approved provider. Pays the facility or vendor - not the patient.
Veteran Pension With Aid and Attendance – A VA Pension paid directly to the Veteran or their un-remarried widow to offset the cost of Home Health Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Home.
Social Security Disability – Disability Benefits may be paid directly to disabled persons who are under the age of 65 who are unable to work due to their disability.

Today, the average senior will pay around $3,200 per month to live in an Assisted Living Facility. Nursing Homes cost around $7,000 per month and remaining at home with around the clock Home Health Care costs between $6,000 and $13,000 per month! Most Americans cannot pay for this type of care without soon depleting their life savings.

Fortunately, there are programs available through Medicaid, Social Security and the Department of Veteran Affairs which can help cover the ever increasing cost of medical care for those who qualify. There are other programs also available but funding is limited.

Unfortunately, the application process for these programs is difficult and many applicants who attempt the process on their own, are denied. Many cannot afford an attorney to advocate on their behalf. That is why V.I.P. Benefit Services of America is here to help Elders, Disabled Individuals and the Care Facilities who are committed to caring for them.

V.I.P. Benefit Services of America is a division of V.I.P. Care Management, Inc. a full service geriatric care management and benefit advocacy organization in Lantana, Florida.
Since 1993, V.I.P. Care Management has assisted thousands of elders in obtaining needed government programs while preserving their hard earned life savings. As our reputation for success became known, nursing facilities throughout Florida and in other states began to request our assistance to access these programs for their needy residents. V.I.P. Care Management grew beyond the scope of Geriatric Care Management and we created V.I.P. Benefit Services of America as our Government Benefits Assistance division serving elders and disabled persons under the age of 65.

Our telephone consultations for Elders, Disabled Individuals, Facilities and Professionals are always FREE. Our Benefits Specialists will be happy to talk with you.
Call Us Toll Free at 1-877-588-5158 today.


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